Can I download videos on iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android / Windows Tablet or Smartphone or PC-Computers?
Yes, this site is designed for all devices. All you need to do is to begin this site from your Browser and then Paste the URL and start the download.

Does this service require any money after some Downloads restriction?
No, this service is free and does not have any restriction to download.

Where can be all Social Media videos saved after being downloaded?
Videos are generally saved by default under the “Downloads” folders; nonetheless, it is possible to use Save Choice and shift it to another.

Does this website keep a copy of videos or downloaded or hunt history?
This services is formally not connected with Social Media websites directly. It will not amuse or host any copyright or spyware material on its host. All the downloaded Videos or Audios or pictures are done right in their CDN servers into the respective user machine.

Can I download videos from Social Media?
You cannot download the video directly from Social Media website. You can still download it from our free tool, HOP – Social Media Video Downloader Tool.

How can I download a video from Social Media to my phone?
You can download videos from Social Media to your phone by using our free tool, HOP – Social Media Video Downloader Tool.