How to reduce too much data usage in the background?
2 September 2021

How to reduce too much data usage in the background?

This tutorial for Windows 10 Mobile, Tablet, Notebook & Desktop or PC.

As Windows 10 is continuously evolving, it’s updated more often than the previous versions and the core updates can be huge. Not to mention, many new features and apps use data in the background to offer real-time updates.

If you have a network with limited data, or you don’t want Windows to use data in the background that could affect your foreground apps and games, then it’s better to set that connection as metered.

On a metered connection, Windows will only download priority updates and apps will use data when they are in the foreground.

You can read metered connection to learn more.

How to set a network as metered connection?

1- Go to Settings from the Start menu and click on Network & Internet.

2- Then click on Wi-Fi in the left panel and select your network.

3- Now turn on the toggle button & Set as metered connection to enable it.

Now Windows 10 will treat this connection as metered and minimize using data in the background. If you connect to a different connection, you’ll have to go through the same steps again to set it as metered.

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